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Different kinds of ropes bondage of Christina Carter

christina carterOne more Christina Carter rope bondage gallery. You see Christina Cartergagged, all the tying, the untying, the determination of Christina Carter, and the joy of accomplishment. You get a category 5 Christina Carter's suspension and Christina Carter's forced orgasms. You get liberal use of the cane. Enjoy HOG TIED Free Gallery. Christina Carter tied up, suspended and punished !

Christina Carter naked, oiled and roped to star!

Christina Carter in really amazing bdsm rope bondage scene from HogTied. You can say that this Christina Carter free rope bondage gallery is very old and you already saw it bla bla bla :) But i guess this perfect and amazing free bdsm rope gallery of Christina Carter must be placed in here. it a perfect scene: Christina carter was undressed, roped to wooden star (very tight ropes and knots), oiled (see Christina Carter perfect nude oiled roped body), placed on star and punished in this very awful position ! see it all in Christina Carter tied up again but now Christina Carter tied on wood star and suspended ! free rope bondage gallery!

Big breast bondage of Christina Carter

christina carterI know you are waiting for some fresh links to Christina Carter gallery. I know you want to see how big boobied bdsm model Christina Carter has tied up, how Christina Carter humiliated, how this wonderful busty model forced to .... ;) we don't talk about this bdm action HERE ;) because of some polite rules on Blogspot ;) BUT - we gonna jump to one bdsm free gallery of Christina Carter and we can look all there :) So, go to HOG TIED Free Gallery. Christina Carter tied up and forced to orgasm ! on and enjoy viewing how Christina Carter has strong non-stop orgasms while Christina Carter being roped and fucked by big black man :) Enjoy :)

HogTied free pictures of Christina Carter

christina carterI continue posting links to free Christina Carter picture galleries. Cristina Carter big boobs busty model who works also to HogTied bondage site. You can read about HogTied in HogTied review. But now we are not interesting to read some words about HogTied. I guess i gonna create anoter one thread about HogTied later. Now, i gonna give no bullshit really free gallery of Christina Carter in tight ropes punishment and torture! See Christina Carter tied. You want see Christina Carter tied free pictures ? so free pictures here ! now!

Vibrator device used on Christina Carter

christina carter Sexyyyyyy!!!! And I love her!!!!! She is awesome… beautiful in every way possible. I guess she is a nice model to boot and to restraint. Those who have seen Christina Carter will agree that in DeviceBondage free pics, Christina Carter bound in metal Christina Carter is absolutely drop-dead beautiful with her curvaceous body, big boobs and shapely thighs. Either hand-cuffed or chained, gagged, or nipple clamped, immobilized with kinky devices or hogtied Christina Carter looks really arousing and genuine! Guess if your sweetheart were so hell insatiable as Christina you weren’t here with us, eh? Christina Carter Device Bondage sets do look tough and hot… If you decide to join the site Device Bondage, DeviceBondage review may help you a lot. And also it would be quite in place to see more Device Bondage free pictures from DeviceBondage. Just to check if they offer all you like. Big boobs bondage and device bondage rules! Fans of Christina and her performance – unite! and let’s exchange our fav links with her :)

Metal bondage video with Christina Carter

christina carter vibed I have just seen a neat free video clip from Christina Carter Device Bondage, and couldn’t but share my impressions with you. I ll say you what, such drop-dead gorgeous babes are not often seen on such sites. Christina Carter with her voluptuous body looks hell hot! Perhaps somebody may not find her so arousing… but I guess you will agree that really there is something in her… in this Christina Carter video, Christina Carter in metal bondage from DeviceBondage Christina really has her limits tested and she gets what she wants: the toughest bondage scenes! it is hardly possible to describe all this Christina Carter Device Bondage shoot.. in fact you’ll read everything in the write-up of this free episode from Device Bondage, DeviceBondage review may also be of help. The hardest tortures, intense orgasms, cries in agony.. all is here. If you have any links to Big boobs bondage or other device bondage free video – you may add them here as well as your comments :)

Device Bondage video with Christina Carter

christina carter device bondageThe other day I saw Device Bondage video clip, Christina Carter foot torture… mmm… not bad… really not bad. I especially appreciated that Christina Carter seems to enjoy her job. She looks very exciting… Even swollen from sickness she looks damn beautiful. And how mind-blowing she cums!!! Gosh! She looks so excited in bondage, that I even decided to look for more Christina Carter Device Bondage sets. Perhaps you, guys, can share any links to free stuff? I was completely knocked out seeing her shapely thighs, nice big boobs and mmm… her tiniest vags. Bth she is one of the best in Big boobs bondage. Oho! I have found Device Bondage, DeviceBondage review. Hope it is not just a send-off, and there is something true there :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Christina Carter more rope knots, ropes, ropes....

christina carter ropesi comtinue posting about excellent bdsm model Christina Carter. New excellent rope bondage started on There is an rope bondage lesson for all rope bondage lover given by Christina Carter's rope Master. In this great lesson, rope master slowly goes over many of the ties and techniques show on Christina Carter, he uses at HogTied to make sure Christina Carter is helpless and total roped and secure. But why i must talk about Christina Carter pics, Christina Carter on HogTied learns the ropes! free rope bondage gallery ? Just go there and see all yourself :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christina Carter is lusty and sexiest BDSM model

Christina CarterIn general Christina Carter is hardcore bondage model, not young and not especial bright. You can say that Christina Carter old, milf and fat or busty woman. It's ok and it's right. But Christina Carter has some special and spice charm and round sexy form of body, big round tits and lusty body. Moreover Christina Carter os perfect especially in bondage and BDSM scenes. For example you can view this Christina Carter in hard rope bondage scene video, or HogTied free pictures, Christina Carter again in hard rope bondage scene free picture gallery and you will see that all we say is true. Christina Carter is not your run of the mill model that we found off the street a couple of weeks ago. In rope bondage scenes Chrostina Carter very entertain as you can see in Christina Carter tied free pictures. And did you see the gallery Christina Carter tied on wood star and suspended? With her lust oiled body hard roped to star and suspended ? or in no breaks, over an hour of real time intense BDSM action, like in Christina Carter tied up and forced to orgasm ? really no brakes - orgasms followw ony by one and Christina Carter was in very awfull rope hogtied position! And last, take a look on HOG TIED Free Gallery. Christina Carter tied up, suspended and punished !

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